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Our Story

Hello friends, thanks for visiting The Chic Habitat Studio. Our humble abode was founded in 2018 by our co-founders, Vanessa and Joanne, back when Vanessa was planning for her own wedding and realized how gifting brings so much happiness to people. Since then we started the business from our own homes; receiving orders manually from Instagram, packing on the go, personally writing each message on the greeting cards, sending them personally & handling each enquiry with the best of clients’ interest.


Fast forward to 2020 when the pandemic hit us all, we took the leap of faith and welcomed our business partner Joanne Tan-Rocca to join us and grow our team as we jump on the opportunity to curate more gifts that bridge the hearts of people together. As our business portfolio grew, we ventured step by step from individual giftings to bigger projects like corporate and event giftings. Even with the challenges of the pandemic, the three of us conquered through each hurdle together as a team. Yes just the three of us!


With the limited space in a small studio, we moved to a much bigger space and now work with many big corporate companies that entrust us with their gifting needs. We have since grown our team of 2 to our current bunch of 6 and are always looking to expand our team with talents that will journey together with us and bring our studio to greater heights.


On top of that, our pandemic baby, The Bebe Habitat, was also birthed with the simple desire to bring parents access to a variety of quality, affordable, aesthetically pleasing and functional baby essentials. We saw the importance of open-ended play in allowing babies and toddlers to learn and be creative, so we wanted to share that with our community of parents. We seek only the best and curate the most adorable yet highly functional gifts for babies and toddlers for them to tap into their sponge-like minds and maximize their natural desire to learn.


Curating functional yet aesthetic gifts is the main focus at The Chic Habitat. We believe that gifting should bring joy to both the giver and receiver. By curating gifts that carry the art of love, we want to bring people together by nurturing new relationships and rekindling distanced ones. Let us be the catalyst to help you create memorable moments through our aesthetic, essential, and sustainable gifts.

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