BBELL Potside Strainer

RM 35.00

-Switzerland brand - high quality silicone material.
-Comes with buckle design to clip at the edge of any sizes of pots and pans.
-Made of food-grade silicone which is corrosion and drop resistant.
-Hollow design with fine and uniform grid for easy straining.
-Temperature resistance up to 240 celsius.
-Non-stick friendly, non toxic and odourless.
-Comes with 1 year guarantee.

-For straining noodles, spaghetti, macaroni and etc.
-BEST for Instant Noodles, Suitable for any sizes of pots and pans.
-For straining deep-fried food from cooking oil, withstand 240*C high temperature.
-Easy to use, an essential product for your kitchen.