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BBELL SIlicone Cover Lids

RM 18.00

They provide complete protection and stop anything from coming in or out
They can also be used for fruit or exposed food items left in the refrigerator, by covering the items you can stop them drying out
The silicone lids are made of food-grade, non-toxic silicone so there are no negative health implications associated with the use of the item
The flexibility of the lid means it doesn’t have to be an exact fit if the container opening is a little bigger the lid can be stretched over
 -Can be refrigerated frozen
 -Can be used in microwave ovens, food-grade non-toxic materials, can be used repeatedly cleaning than the preservation of paper, fresh bags more environmentally friendly, lower cost.
 -Highly flexible, suitable for different sizes of bowls.
Easy to clean, high temperature and low temperature, soft and comfortable, strong and durable, and other characteristics, to replace the traditional PE film or other materials, a great substitute for plastic wrap!
 -To prevent food taste and breeding bacteria, for the preservation of frozen food;
 -Applicable to all kinds of material containers, such as ceramics, 
  glass, casserole, stainless steel, wood, and so on.
 Lids Material: Food grade silicone.