[Pre-Order] Cake Dome with Wooden Base Serving Tray

RM 168.00

I have to admit I always thought cake domes in a kitchen were purely decorative. As it turns out, they are one of the most practical and beautiful things I have in my kitchen. They keep any breads, muffins or pastries completely fresh for days, and the bonus is they look beautiful too. This is a must have for me in the kitchen! You'll absolutely love the addition of our beautiful Cake Dome with Wooden Base Serving Tray in your kitchen. Perfect when you have guests over!

Engraved handles and durable wood create a delicate, comfortable hold for easy passing, serving and sharing. Glass dome made lead-free. 


Medium           :     Wooden Base 24cm (D) Glass Dome  21cm

Large                :     Wooden Base 29cm (D) Glass Dome  26 cm

Extra Large     :     Wooden Base 32cm (D) Glass Dome  28 cm