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JANNAH - 'heaven'

Ramadan is a period of sombre spiritual reflection, daylight fasting and increased charitable behavior for Muslims.

The most established greeting for Ramadan is “Ramadan Mubarak” which is said at the end of Ramadan on the evening called Eid al-Fitr which is a celebratory breaking of the fast held on the last day of Ramadan.

It translates directly as “blessed celebration”.

We would love to share this happiness of celebrations in the form of curated giftsets we prepared for you and your loved ones! 

What’s in the set: 

1) 1 x Premium Gold Framed Glass Box engraved with in-house designed 'EID MUBARAK' picture on glass box cover

2) 12 pieces of Premium Baklava by Lavand (inside the glass box)

3) 4-6 pieces of Premium Stuffed Dates (depending on size) by Lavand  (inside the glass box)

4) 1 x EID Collection greeting card for personalised message

Packaging: Black Premier Reusable Box (Decorated with elegant hot stamping gold and black ribbon, complimented with an in-house engraved 'EID MUBARAK' wooden gift tag)

Pre-order begins now and our first delivery will be on 26th April 2021. Let us know your preferred date of delivery in remark. 

For corporate or personalized order please email us at hello@thechichabitat.com or whatsapp us to start planning with you :)