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Japanese Gold Rim Sake Glass Set with Bamboo Tray

RM 198.00

Kampai! This gold rim glass sake set is a must-have for sake-lovers. 

Product Description:

Set comes with Sake Glass Bottle with Vessel, four cups and bamboo tray. 

Material          :      Glass with Gold Rim

Sake Bottle Dimension     :       8.1cm (D) x 12.5cm (H)    

Sake Bottle Capacity         :       Holds approximately 350ml

Gold Rim Glass          :       5.5cm (D) x 4.4cm (H)    

Glass Capacity           :       Holds approximately 30ml

Vessel Dimension     :       11.4cm (D) x 8.8cm (H)    

Vessel Capacity                 Holds approximately 500ml

Bamboo Tray            :       20cm