Sprinkle Joy Anytime with Our Gift Sets Under RM150!

Sprinkle Joy Anytime with Our Gift Sets Under RM150!

Gifting isn't just for special occasions; it can also be about spreading joy and surprising the people we love and care about. And you know what? There's a certain joy in brightening someone's day with a thoughtful present, even when there's no particular reason to celebrate. However, sometimes, the task can get a little harder when you're working on a budget (and honestly, who isn't?).

At The Chic Habitat, we've mastered the art of affordable gifting that combines style, sentiment, and most importantly, great savings! That's why we've gathered our top picks of gift sets under RM150 that won't make you break a sweat. From travel-savvy must-haves to delightful trinkets for your work besties, our store is brimming with options that'll make you the ultimate gift-giving guru.

  1. For HER: Serendipity

When it comes to celebrating the special women in your life, our affordable gift set is the perfect choice to go with. Shield her from rain or shine with a nifty umbrella, coupled with a convenient phone stand that keeps her device within reach. To keep her hydrated on the go, we've also included a sleek glass tumbler.


  1. For HIM: The Modern Man

From your hardworking colleague to your supportive significant other, the men in our lives deserve recognition too. Practicality meets style with this perfect gift set combo. Our sleek notebook comes in handy to jot down his thoughts and ideas, while our durable tumbler ensures that their favorite beverages stay piping hot or refreshingly cold all day long. It's the ultimate pairing of functionality and flair, making it a gift they'll truly appreciate.


  1. For THEM: Sip & Cherish

Sometimes, it's the shared moments that create the strongest bonds. This affordable gift set for couples includes an exquisite irregular mug with a lid, perfect for sipping their favorite latte or tea together. To add an extra touch of warmth, we’re pairing it with our selection of gourmet coffee or tea. This personalized gift is a lovely way to celebrate the beauty of togetherness and make them feel cherished.


  1. Travel Set: Adventure Trio

And for those travel junkies in your life, our travel set is a practical and affordable gifting choice. From an eye-catching travel tag that ensures their luggage stands out in the airport to a collapsible mug and handheld fan that keeps them refreshed wherever they go, this gift set is a great way to support their wanderlust and strengthen your connection, even when miles apart.


5. Personalized Tumblers: Cheers to Affordable Luxury
Whether they're sipping on their morning coffee or staying hydrated throughout the day, our personalized tumblers are the perfect companion for any occasion. And with our affordable prices, you can spread joy without breaking the bank.

Gifting goes beyond special occasions—it's about celebrating the people we care about and making those everyday moments count. We believe that every day is an opportunity to create beautiful memories. Whether it's surprising your colleague for a job well done or reconnecting with a long-lost friend, our affordable gifts offer a way to express your love and appreciation.

The joy of giving is the greatest joy of all.

We hope our curated selection of gifts ensures that you can show your appreciation without breaking the bank. Let us be your partner in celebrating the joy of gifting, one affordable gift set at a time.

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