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We have a simple desire to bring access to quality, affordable, aesthetically pleasing and functional baby essentials. We seek only the best and curate the most adorable yet highly functional gifts for babies and toddlers allowing them to tap into their sponge-like minds and maximize their natural desire to learn.

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We know how to make mealtimes both fun and stress free for both you and your little one! On our shelves we have all kinds of essentials needed for all the yum-yums your child needs.

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We believe in the importance of raising a child that enjoys knowledge and reading, that's why we brought in a whole bunch of popular children's book authors unto our library. Check them out here!

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We trust that introducing our children to play without limitations in creativity and direction will benefit their development in terms of problem solving, motor, and communicative skills.

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We value good bedtime routines as it helps our children calm down and get ready to sleep. Sleep is important for a child's growth, learning, mood and development and we have sourced the comfiest things to put in the bedroom!

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