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Gift Set | For HER - Serendipity

Gift Set | For HER - Serendipity

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Discovering Serendipity: Embrace the delightful surprises that await within this enchanting gift set. From the whimsical umbrella that dances with raindrops to the exquisite glass tumbler that holds your favorite elixirs, paired with a versatile mobile phone stand that effortlessly elevates your tech experience, this set brings a touch of serendipity to your daily routine. Embrace the unexpected moments of joy and let serendipity guide your path as you indulge in this harmonious fusion of style, function, and delightful surprises.

What's in the gift set:
1x Rainbow Glass Tumbler with Straw (350ml)
1x Personalized Umbrella (SPF 50+)
1x Personalized Mobile Phone Stand

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