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Bluey Books Series

Bluey Books Series

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Meet Bluey! This lovable and imaginative blue heeler puppy is ready for her next adventure. Find all the stories in this collection as standalone storybooks surrounding Bluey Heeler and her family.

All About Bluey
Bluey Heeler loves to play, explore and use her imagination to turn everyday life into an amazing adventure. Learn all about Bluey in this fun shaped board book for kids of all ages!

Bluey is off to play at Chloe's house for the day and mum and dad are busy - can Bingo find a game to play by herself to keep busy? Maybe she needs a problem to solve. Join Bingo on an adventure around the house in this fun story from the hit TV show Bluey!

Swim School
Bluey and her family are playing Swim School, but first they have to learn a lesson about not dobbing on each other. Will all of Bluey's fun games help Bingo learn anything about swimming? Find out in this hilarious colour board book!

Magic Xylophone Sound Book
Bluey and Bingo have a magic xylophone that can freeze Dad in space and time. Help Bluey and Bingo freeze and unfreeze Dad by pressing each of the coloured buttons on your Magic Xylophone when you spot them in the story. Also includes a sound button of Bluey and Bingo laughing! This is a brilliantly noisy gift for every Bluey fan!

My Dad Is Awesome
Bluey knows her dad is the best - and she's going to tell you why!Find out what makes Bandit so awesome according to Bluey and Bingo!This hilarious and heartwarming board book will make a perfect gift for Father's Day.

My Mum Is the Best
Bluey and Bingo love their mum, and she loves them! They do all sorts of fun (and not as fun) things together, like scooter rides, dancing and reading bedtime stories. Discover all of Chilli's special mum skills in this touching and humorous book.

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