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CNY 2024: Crimson Harmony - 和樂龍龍

CNY 2024: Crimson Harmony - 和樂龍龍

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Step into the enchanting embrace of Lunar New Year with our "Crimson Harmony" Gift Set – a budget-friendly treasure trove crafted for those who seek both opulence and tradition.

Unveil the mysteries of the Year of the Dragon as you savor the delicate moments shared over our red Chinese tea set, echoing ancient tales in every pour. Let the rich, earthy whispers of Pu Er tea transport you through time, a tribute to both legacy and flavor. Choose between the sweet symphony of Butter Cookies and Chocolate Almond Cookies or the nostalgic dance of Pineapple Tarts and Peanut Candies – each a cherished chapter in our company's story.

This Chinese New Year gift set isn't merely a collection; it's a narrative woven with threads of tradition, a tale of joy and connection as you welcome the Lunar New Year in Crimson Harmony.

What's in the CNY gift set:

Option 1
1x Red Chinese Tea Set
3x Pu er Tea Cubes
1x Pineapple Tarts (5pcs)
1x Peanut Candy (100g)

Option 2
1x Red Chinese Tea Set
3x Pu er Tea Cubes
1x Butter Cookies 
1x Chocolate Almond Cookies 

- We highly encourage for you to opt for local delivery or pick up if you are located in the Klang Valley.
- Our baked goods are extremely fragile so while we do offer courier delivery for all CNY 2024 gift sets, we ask for your kind understanding that the cookies may break in the process of delivery.
- Feel free to reach out to us at 0183288507 for any enquiries or arrangements.
- For personalized CNY corporate gifts, contact us at or Whatsapp Us for tailored options.

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