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[Bulk Order - Set of 10 onwards] Corporate Giftset | Set 2

[Bulk Order - Set of 10 onwards] Corporate Giftset | Set 2

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Your Very Own Branded Essentials: The Perfect All-Weather Corporate Gift Set!

Equip your team with our exceptional corporate gift set, featuring a personalized thermal flask and umbrella adorned with your company's logo. These branded essentials ensure your team stays prepared for any weather condition.ย 

Thoughtful and practical: This gift set is a thoughtful gesture for employee appreciation, corporate events, or client gifting. The combination of both items reflects your company's attention to detail and demonstrates your commitment to your team's well-being.

Order our corporate gift set today and make a lasting impression in any weather!

What's in the giftset:
1x Fully Automatic Umbrella
1x Premium LED Flask
1x Greeting Card
*Packed in a cardboardย top cover box with branding and sealed with a ribbon of your choice.

- All gift sets come with branding and logo personalization, please reach out to us if you would like to include individual personalization.
- Contact us through Whatsapp at 0183288507 for further details, minimum order of 10 sets and above.

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