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Corporate Giftset | Set 8

Corporate Giftset | Set 8

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Simplicity, Style, and Warmth: Personalized Corporate Gift Set for Every Occasion

Discover the perfect blend of simplicity, affordability, and functionality with our personalized corporate gift set. This elegant duo includes a classic leather diary and a sleek thermos flask, both featuring your company branding. It's a stylish, yet budget-friendly choice for any event.

Elevate your gifting with simplicity and style. Order our personalized corporate gift set today and show your team or clients that you value them with thoughtful, branded gifts that stand the test of time.

What's in the giftset:
1x Leather Diary
1x Thermos Flask
*Packed in a top cover kraft gift box and sealed with a ribbon of your choice.

- All gift sets come with branding and logo personalization, please reach out to us if you would like to include individual personalization.
- Contact us through Whatsapp at 0183288507 for further details

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