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French Children Don't Throw Food | Pamela Druckerman

French Children Don't Throw Food | Pamela Druckerman

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Author: Pamela Druckerman

Whether you are in the trenches of potty training, are trying to teach your kids empathy, or need the magic formula to coparent with your partner, one thing is certain: You. Want. Answers.

From general parenting advice to tackling specific struggles, here are some books that may help you navigate many of the parenting issues you’re facing.

French Children Don't Throw Food by Pamela Druckerman: The hilarious #1 Sunday Times Bestseller changing parent's lives. The book everyone is talking about. A parenting BIBLE! Do you want to learn the secrets of the parents of France's well-behaved children? How come French babies sleep through the night? Why do French children happily eat what is put in front of them? How can French mothers chat to their friends while their children play quietly? Parents are saying MERCI to Pamela Druckerman! 

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