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Fullmoon Giftset: Bangsar Babe's Choice

Fullmoon Giftset: Bangsar Babe's Choice

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Introducing our brand new collaboration with one of Malaysia's largest lifestyle blogger, Bangsar Babe - bringing to you her choice for a full moon gift set! 

We first got in touch with Bangsar Babe (aka Sue Lynn) during our Chinese New Year collection in 2023 where we shared some of our homemade treats with her, and to our delight, her top pick was our signature Peanut Candies! Fast forward into the year when we found out she gave birth to her baby boy, we wanted to send her our heartfelt congratulations, but Sue Lynn told us she would really just want us to gift her our Peanut Candies and that it was one of her TOP pregnancy cravings.

This is where the inspiration struck, it was a huge honor and we are very glad, that the goodies from our kitchen could fill someone with so much content. Thus, we were given the biggest privilege to curate Sue Lynn's son's full moon gift set, filled with all the goodies that she loves, so she can share with her circle of people that love her too! 

Available till 31st December 2023, you can get Bangsar Babe's choice of full moon set for your newborn too!

What's in the gift set:
2x Red Eggs
2x Angku
2x Pickled Ginger
1x Pure Butter Cake
1x Homemade Peanut Candies (150g)

Minimum order of 30 sets, please place your order 2 weeks in advance.

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