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Fullmoon Giftset: Gentleness

Fullmoon Giftset: Gentleness

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This a little tradition we follow in welcoming a new birth in the family.

Celebrate your little bundle of joy with lots of tender loving gentleness! Filled with traditional blessings and modern comforts. Celebrate this milestone moment with a luxurious assortment of essentials, including red eggs, angku, and our homemade icing cookies available in pink or blue. Perfect for gifting to loved ones, this set will create memories to cherish for years to come.

What's Included in this set:
2x Red Eggs
2x Angku
2x Icing Cookies
1x Walnut Cookies (145g)
1x Medium Marble Cake

Minimum order of 30 sets, please place your order 2 weeks in advance.

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