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Fullmoon Giftset: Gratitude

Fullmoon Giftset: Gratitude

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This a little tradition we follow in welcoming a new birth in the family.

Mark a precious moment with our Fullmoon Giftset - a thoughtful and elegant way to celebrate your baby's one-month milestone. Our set includes signature homemade goodies such as our walnut cookies and marble cake that will absolutely make your recipient's hearts and tummies full. All sets come with a complimentary baby introduction card too! The greatest way to show your gratitude for everyone that sent their good wishes, love, and support.

What's Included in this set:
2x Red Eggs
2x Angku
1x Walnut Cookies (85g)
1x Large Marble Cake

Minimum order of 30 sets, please place your order 2 weeks in advance.

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