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Gift Set | For HER - The Storyteller

Gift Set | For HER - The Storyteller

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Presenting The Storyteller's Giftset: Where Every Day Writes Your Tale!

This isn't just a gift set; it's a journey waiting to be embarked upon. Inside, you'll discover a personalized leather diary, where your thoughts roam freely, weaving the narrative of your life. Your musings, your dreams, and your grand plans find their canvas here, as the pages await your unique tale. Sip your favorite brew from a personalized glass mug with a straw, infusing each moment with a dash of 'you.' Light up a scented candle and turn any space into your cozy retreat. Its flickering glow dances to the rhythm of your story, casting a warm light on your life's chapters. Mornings should be anything but ordinary, as Brew & Bread's artisan coffee becomes a part of your daily adventure, a flavorful paragraph in your unique tale.

It's a gift that says, 'You're unique, and so are your moments.' Perfect for you, a friend, or anyone who loves a little extra charm in their day. Add your personal touch, and let the good times roll.

Get your set today and celebrate life, one personalized moment at a time!

What's in the giftset:
1x Personalised Leather Diary
1x Personalised Leather Pen Pouch with Wooden Pen
1x Personalised Glass Mug with Straw
1x Scented Candle
3x Brew & Bread Artisan Drip Coffee

- Handwritten message available upon request, please add your message in the field provided.
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