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Gift Set | Sacrificial Love

Gift Set | Sacrificial Love

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A mother's love is sacrificial, endearing, kind, pure, and intuitive.Β From the moment she holds her child in her arms, she feels a bond that can never be broken. She will do anything and everything to protect, care for, and provide for her family.Β A mother's love is a force that can move mountains, and it is a treasure that will be cherished forever by those lucky enough to receive it.

This Mother's Day we are releasing a new gift set to commemorate all the sacrifice and love our mothers give us. Curated with the intention of wanting to give our queens the rest and rewards they duly deserve.

What's in this giftset:
1x Body Lotion from Plant Origin
1x 3D Face Massager
1x Lavender Scented Candle
1x Himalayan Bath Salt
1x Exfoliating Hand Mitten
1x Handmade Hair Scrunchie
1x Personalised Card

Packaged in a reusable keepsake crate with complimentary personalization.

Make it a unique corporate gift by adding your logo. Contact us at or Whatsapp Us for customizable options.

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