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Mid-Autumn 2023 | 瑰宝盛匣 - Enchanted Trove

Mid-Autumn 2023 | 瑰宝盛匣 - Enchanted Trove

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Unveil the pinnacle of luxury with 瑰宝盛匣 (Guībǎo Shèngxiá) - The Enchanted Trove, our most exquisite offering in the Mid-Autumn Festival gift collection. Encased in a bamboo basket, this premium gift set unfolds a world of wonders that embodies the essence of this joyous occasion. 

Rejoice in the delicate flavors of two masterfully crafted mooncakes, complemented by an authentic personal porcelain glass Chinese teapot set. Unlock hidden treasures as you find a traditional coin pouch filled with the finest Pu Er tea, a velvety blend of perfection. And as dusk falls, kindle the night's enchantment with traditional paper lanterns and wax candles, radiating warmth and tradition.

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in grandeur with our Enchanted Trove set, where every detail is a testament to the artistry of the season.

What's in the giftset:
2x Assorted Mooncake (100g each)
- Pandan Jade Lotus Yolk (half yolk)
- Charcoal White Lotus Custard
1x Pu-er Tea (15g/3pcs)
1x Personal Chinese Teapot set
1x Tea Forks and Knife Set
3x Traditional Paper Lanterns
1x Traditional Wax Candles

Open for pre-order, gifts will be delivered out 4th September onwards.

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