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Mid-Autumn 2023 | 皓月宁静 - Tranquil Moonlight

Mid-Autumn 2023 | 皓月宁静 - Tranquil Moonlight

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Celebrate the Radiant Mid-Autumn Festival with Our 皓月宁静 (Tranquil Moonlight) Gift Sets!

Indulge in the enchanting allure of the Mid-Autumn Festival with our 皓月宁静 (HàoYuè Níngjìng) - Tranquil Moonlight set. Delight in four delectable mooncakes, meticulously crafted to perfection and complemented by a set of elegant golden tea forks and knives. Alternately, you may also revel in the symphony of flavors with a rich and velvety Pu Er tea that soothes the soul and experience the joy of cracking open sunflower seeds as you bond with loved ones. 

Savor the ancient traditions while cherishing the calming essence of the Chinese culture, all enclosed in a charming wooden keepsake box. Let the Mid-Autumn Festival unite hearts and create lasting memories as you share the beauty of these elegant gift sets with family and friends. 

What's in the giftset:

Option 1:
2x Assorted Mooncakes (100g each)
White Lotus Yolk (half yolk)
Japanese Matcha Green Tea Custard
1x Pu-er Tea (25g/5pcs)
1x Sunflower Seeds ( g)
1x Tea Forks and Knife Set

Option 2:
4x Assorted Mooncakes (100g each)
- White Lotus Yolk (half yolk)
- Pandan Jade Lotus Yolk (half yolk)
- Charcoal White Lotus Custard
- Japanese Matcha Green Tea Custard
1x Tea Forks and Knife Set

This giftset is packed in a top cover wooden keepsake box, wrapped in a paper sleeve and adorned with a dainty wooden bookmark.

Open for pre-order, gifts will be delivered out 4th September onwards.

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