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Mid-Autumn 2023 | 金秋财宝 - Autumn's Treasure

Mid-Autumn 2023 | 金秋财宝 - Autumn's Treasure

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Step into a world of enchantment with our 金秋财宝 (Jīnqiū Cáibǎo) - Autumn's Treasure giftset, an exquisite addition to our Mid-Autumn Festival gift collection this year. This captivating gift set weaves a tale of subtlety and tradition, embracing the spirit of togetherness and the joy of hidden surprises.

Embrace the moon's radiant glow with two meticulously crafted mooncakes, each a delightful embodiment of our rich heritage. But there's more to this treasure trove! Nestled within a charming dim sum basket, discover two mini pouches, a nostalgic nod to traditional coin holders. However, in our delightful improvisation, we have filled these pouches with treasures of their own—a pouch of Pu Er tea, carrying the warm comfort of autumn, and another filled with sunflower seeds, offering a delightful crunch to your festivities.

To complete this enchanting experience, we present you with a personal porcelain glass Chinese teapot set, a vessel that tells tales of its own and embodies the essence of authentic tea ceremonies.

Embrace the charm and immerse yourself in the rich traditions and subtle surprises that the Mid-Autumn Festival brings.

What's in the giftset:
2x Assorted Mooncake (100g each)
Pandan Jade Lotus Yolk (half yolk)
- Charcoal White Lotus Custard
1x Pu-er Tea (15g/3pcs)
1x Sunflower Seeds (15g)
1x Personal Chinese Teapot set
1x Tea Forks and Knife Set

Open for pre-order, gifts will be delivered out 4th September onwards.

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