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Raya Collection 2023: Safina

Raya Collection 2023: Safina

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Indulge in the sweetest celebration this Eid with our premium baklava gift set, paired with a stylish serving coaster. Savor the rich flavors of handcrafted baklava from Lavand, made with the finest ingredients, and elevate your presentation with a beautiful Turkish print coaster. Share the joy of Eid with family and friends, and make it a festive season to remember with our delightful Raya gift set.

What is in the giftset:Β 
1x Assorted Premium Baklava and Stuffed Dates by Lavand (16 pieces)
1x Large Turkish Print Ceramic Coaster
1x Personalized Greeting Card

Packaged in reusable handmade rattan basket with Chiffon ribbon and Raya themed gold mirror tag.

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