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Raya 2024 | Ceria

Raya 2024 | Ceria

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Get ready to ignite the joy of Raya with Ceria – a gift set designed to brighten your celebrations with happiness and cheer. Encased in a sleek premium box, Ceria offers a delightful journey through the flavors and traditions of the season. Each item curated to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

Indulge in the richness of our specialty treats, carefully selected to tantalize your taste buds and uplift your spirits. Choose between the savory goodness of lekor and kacang tumbuk, or opt for the delicate crunch of almond cookies, each bite a celebration of joy and delight.

Meaning 'cheerful' in Malay, Ceria embodies the spirit of celebration and happiness, infusing your Raya gatherings with warmth, blessings, and a touch of sophistication. Whether shared with loved ones or savored alone, Ceria makes your celebrations truly memorable. 🎁✨

What is in the giftset:

Option 1:
1x Almond cookies (15 pcs)
1x Rattan coaster
1x Golden Teaspoon
1x Golden cup
5x Assorted tea bag from English Tea Shop
1x Personalized Greeting Card

Option 2:
1x Kacang tumbuk (12 pcs)
1x Tempe (70g)
1x Teafork & Teaspoon set (2 pairs)
2x Dainty plate
1x Personalized Greeting Card

- We highly encourage for you to opt for local delivery or pick up if you are located in the Klang Valley.
- Our baked goods are extremely fragile so while we do offer courier delivery for all Raya 2024 gift sets, we ask for your kind understanding that the cookies may break in the process of delivery. We will not make any exchange due to that.
- Feel free to reach out to us at 0183288507 for any enquiries or arrangements.
- To personalize Raya corporate gifts, reach out to us at or Whatsapp Us for tailored options.

Delivery for our Raya 2024 Collection commences 21st March onwards.

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