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The Montessori Baby | Simone Davies & Junnifa Uzodike

The Montessori Baby | Simone Davies & Junnifa Uzodike

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Author: Simone Davies & Junnifa Uzodike

Whether you are in the trenches of potty training, are trying to teach your kids empathy, or need the magic formula to co-parent with your partner, one thing is certain: You. Want. Answers.

From general parenting advice to tackling specific struggles, here are some books that may help you navigate many of the parenting issues you’re facing.

The Montessori Baby by Simon Davies & Junnifa Uzodike: A parent's guide to nurturing your baby with love, respect & understanding. The Montessori Baby draws on the child-led principles of the Montessori educational method to foster a first-year defined by love, respect, understanding, and a surprising sense of calm.

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